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Is your pool safe?

Working together to create a safe and compliant pool for your family.

Under new laws designed to improve the safety of your swimming pool or spa, VIC legislation requires all pools to meet safety standards and obtain certification. Poolsafe works with you to meet all requirements ensuring your pool is safe for your family and loved ones.
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We're the #1 rated pool inspection service in Melbourne for good reason.

With 300+ verified review, we’re Melbourne’s top choice for ensuring your pool and spa meet Victoria’s safety standards. Our process is straightforward and stress-free, offering detailed, same-day reports to give you peace of mind quickly. With a background in construction, our registered inspector Lachie specialises in pool and spa safety, delivering fast compliance certificates to keep your backyard oasis safe and legal.

Why choose PoolSafe? Here’s why:

  • Fast Compliance: Same-day certificates and reports.
  • Expert Inspectors: Registered professionals with a focus on pool and spa safety.
  • Clear Communication: Easy-to-understand reports and free follow-up inspections*.
  • No Hidden Fees: Transparent pricing with no surprises.

Ensure your pool and spa are safe and compliant without the hassle. With PoolSafe, compliance is simple and straightforward. Ready for peace of mind? Contact us today.

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*We offer free reinspection within a 20km radius of Cranbourne. If you live outside of this a small fee may apply. We can also discuss your situation and review photos before the inspection to see as many details as possible.

What we check

Comprehensive pool safety checks

These are some of the items we check to ensure the safety of your pool barrier. For a full checklist for your pool click here.
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Pool barrier & fencing height
Gaps between fence panels
Pool fence structual integrity
Space at the bottom of fence
Pool latches & hinges
Direction of swinging gate
Climbable objects
Self closing & self latching

PoolSafe's 4 steps to pool compliance

While it can feel daunting, pool compliance doesn't need to be difficult. With Poolsafe you have access to a professional with years of experience not only in inspections, but also in construction. You can feel confident if anything needs attention before certification we can put you in touch with trustworthy local tradesmen .

We make the entire process simple



You local council will require you to register your pool. This can be done through their website. After registering your pool you will receive a letter with the due date for compliance lodgement.


Have your barrier checked

Contact us to book a time for inspection. We will thoroughly inspect everything and share our findings, talking you through our recommendations if anything needs to change. You’ll receive this in a written report.


Make nessesary changes

From our report there may be work required to make your barrier compliant. We can offer recommendations of trusted professionals and different options to help you achieve this, or you can undertake this yourself.



Once the required changes are made call us to book your free re-inspection*. We will check the changes to make sure they are now complaint and issue you with the compliance certificate to provide to your local council.

It's as easy as that to ensure complaince and keep your family safe.
*We offer free reinspection within a 20km radius of Cranbourne. If you live outside of this a small fee may apply. We can also discuss your situation and review photos before the inspection to see as many details as possible.
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Our Service Area

We're commited to providing superior customer service and improving the safety of pools and spas across our local councils. By serving our local community we remain available to our clients when they need us.
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Michelle White
Highly, highly recommend Lachie at Poolsafe Pool and Spas. He is professional, helpful, punctual and an absolute gentleman!! A pleasure to deal with. 😁 We will see you in 4 years, Lachie.
Kristian B
Could not recommend Lachie highly enough. He did our pool fence compliance report, he came out quickly and on time, helped us rectify a couple of things that we needed to do, and always felt a high level of service and that he genuinely wanted to help. Perfect.
Lynette Nieboer
Lachy at Pool Safe Inspect did a fantastic job from start to finish. Great value for money. He was polite and understanding and explained the process completely. Very clear directions. Would have no hesitation recommending his services.
Ken Planner
Lachie from Poolsafe was extremely quick to respond to my request for service and arrived on time. He is extremely pleasant and experienced in his job. The report he provided was prompt and extremely detailed. Overall I was extremely pleased with the service provided and would highly recommend Lachie's services to anyone.
Vicky Bartuccio
Lachlan was recommended by a few friends and family members... he was an absolute dream to deal with!! Reliable, humble, super efficient, professional with fantastic customer service skills. I will highly recommend Poolsafe pool & spa inspections to anyone!!!
Kevin Saunders
I could not recommend Poolsafe Pool & Spa Inspections any higher, polite, friendly and knows his business! Quick to respond to messages & emails. Recommendations were given (& acted on). Attention to detail might as well be Lachy’s middle name!

Frequently asked questions

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  • How do I know if my pool needs to be inspected?

    In Victoria, all swimming pools and spas capable of holding more than 300mm (30cm) of water must be registered with the local council and undergo regular safety barrier inspections. This includes in-ground pools, above-ground pools, inflatable pools, spas, and some types of portable pools. If your pool or spa falls into any of these categories, it requires inspection to ensure the safety barrier complies with current Victorian standards.

  • Does the size of my pool matter?

    Yes, but primarily in terms of depth rather than dimensions. Any pool or spa with a depth greater than 300mm (30cm) requires registration and inspection, regardless of its overall size or volume.

  • What happens if I don't register my pool or spa?

    Failing to register your pool or spa with the local council is a violation of Victorian law. If discovered, you may be subject to fines. The registration requirement helps ensure all pools and spas meet safety standards to prevent drowning accidents. It’s crucial to register and have your safety barriers inspected and certified as compliant to avoid legal penalties and, more importantly, to ensure the safety of children and other pool users.

  • How can I check if the pool on my property is registered?

    You can check the registration status of your pool or spa by contacting your local council. Most councils also offer online services where you can enter your property details to check for registered pools or spas. If you’re unsure or cannot find the information online, a call to your council’s customer service line should provide the answers you need.

  • Do I need to be present for the pool inspection?

    While it’s not always mandatory for the property owner to be present during the inspection, it is highly recommended. Being present allows you to immediately address any questions the inspector might have, understand firsthand any compliance issues identified, and learn about the necessary steps to rectify them. If you cannot be present, ensure someone knowledgeable about the pool or spa and has access to the property is there to assist the inspector.